Friday, June 17, 2016

流浪漢在機場彈鋼琴, 結果震驚所有人!



Amazing indian MV

Trust is no-distance of two strangers' hearts.

Good bye taxi uncle !

Someone pick up my wallet...

will the homeless man help ?

$5 or $50 - Will you take advantage of the Blind ?

can you share some food ?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

因 果



Sir , Do you want to buy flowers ?

Most generous homeless



Arm wrestling ..Winner takes US$100

Will you help the homeless (in front camera & without camera)

Asking help from Homeless

Please help push my wheel chair (Rich & poor area)

1 pack cookie is $1

Army guy vs Homeless wanna borrow a phone

Well dress vs homeless ...will people give him $ ?

Wat will this homeless do after getting a surprise $

Help the Blind (Rich vs poor area)

Can you help pick up my keys ?

Kid begger vs real audlt homeless

Fainted 2 - Well dress vs homeless

Thank you for your Guitar

My car run out of gas.....

A bunch of $ to give out (Rich vs poor area)

you pick up $ in front of homeless

Homeless give you $

US$100 to homeless , how will he spend it ?

Homeless rejected but when he drive ferari sport car...what happens ?

Special shop attendance

Special kid with family eating @ a restaurant

Someone fainted...Well dress vs homeless

3 germany students gives homeless man a nice surprise

Homeless man do not wants car owner gets fine

Ice cream or Homeless man ?

$ for drugs or for Family

$ or Life , which one more important ?